My Case For: the premature Christmas season

When I was younger, Thanksgiving was the day.

In college, it became mid-November.

Then this year, the day after Halloween, the Christmas tree went up in the Ace Hardware on K’s block, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” went on the speakers at Target, and egg nog went on sale at the grocery store.

So, Christmas is here. And I love it.

Most people complain. “Ugh,” they say. “I can’t STAND this Christmas music.” Well, you know what? It’s the 21st century, put on a freaking iPod.

Don’t want to see a Christmas tree yet? Don’t go in that store. Don’t want to read the holiday circulars? Don’t read the newspaper. (Wait. Scratch that one. Read MANY, MANY newspapers, and pay for them. My career depends on it.)

The way I see it, it’s capitalism in motion. If advertisers and store owners didn’t think their Christmas blitz would work in the first week of November, they wouldn’t rush it out the door. But they do, and it does.

And the same people who are disappointed are the same ones who are sad the day it’s over.

“Oh Christmas came and went so quickly this year,” they’ll say to their friends. “We simply MUST get together next holiday season.”

Well, you could’ve gotten together THIS holiday season, if you just accepted the fact that it started in November.

(P.S.- Doesn't that toy store in the photo look AWESOME?)

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