The Road to Glory, day three: Cleveland

(My roommate Sean and I are currently on a road trip around the eastern part of the United States. Along the way we'll pick up friends, sleep on peoples couches and eat and drink heavily.)

First, the bad stuff.

In addition to losing his wallet in Pittsburgh, Sean managed to break his camera in Cleveland. The entire display screen is now a field of white, with surprisingly beautiful patterns of purple, red, and blue shooting out of the bottom right corner.

So Sean’s now down a wallet and a camera. But hey at least it’s not me, right?

(I write this knowing full well that Sean probably won’t read it until after the trip. He will then beat me mercilessly.)

Ok now the good stuff. Cleveland is awesome. Great people, great food, rampant desolation and sorrow.

Seriously, this place is great, but I think it’s the saddest place I’ve ever been. Well, I guess that doesn’t include the Holocaust Museum. Or a funeral. But in terms of major metropolitan areas, it takes the sad cake.

There are just tons of buildings with literally no tenants. Five minutes from the downtown, there are square blocks with no businesses.

Drifters. Grifters. Sifters. (Yes actual sand companies.)

And I'm sure tons of you have seen this video before, but this YouTube video actually described Cleveland very well:

But the food. Oh the food. Sean and I stayed with our friend George, from college, and he recommended we head to Melt Bar and Grilled.

Sean and I plowed through pierogies, bratwurst, deep fried sandwiches and a decent portion of our collective dignities. Each meal we’ve had on the trip so far has included some deep-fried component, and they’ve certainly had a cost.

I was on the phone with K yesterday and I told her that I was fat. Like actually fat. I have a gut, a phenomenon unknown to me before Sunday.

But, before we head to Chicago we’re stopping at one of Cleveland’s open air markets and grabbing some fruit and vegetables. Aside from cole slaw and pickles, it will be the first time either of us have eaten fruits or vegetables since Friday morning.


Tom0rrow: Chicago

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  1. oooh, following grease with fruits/veggies ...
    let me know how that goes.