This June, a few comrades and I will be hitting Eisenhower's fine Interstate Highway System for a seven city, whistle-stop tour of the eastern United States.
Why should you care? Because we need your help. I'll be chronically the trip on this very Web site, so to make it the very best trip it can possibly be, we'll be taking reader suggestions for places to eat, drink, and not get arrested.
So, if you know anything about Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, or Charlotte, leave it in the comments section.
On a more serious, fiscal note, we are also looking for places to sleep. If you know anyone (or you are anyone) who wouldn't mind three attractive mid-20s men on your couch for a night, let me know. As long as it's not one of those pit dungeons like in Silence of the Lambs.


  1. Who all is coming? I still have to take you to Price's, B-B-Q King, The Penguin and Sir Ed's. How much time will you have?

  2. CLEVELAND?! dear god why?


  3. a) What happened to my high school reunion? It's actually become situation critical; I'm not going in without back-up.

    b) I might be able to hook you up in Chicago. Mayyyybe in St. Louis, but I'd have to check.

  4. a.) I thought it was later in the year!


  5. In Pittsburgh, check out Primanti Brothers on Forbes Ave or Carson street for great sandwiches, and Fatheads Saloon on the South Side, East Carson St. for tons of beer on tap and good food as well. Also PNC Park has one of the best views of downtown at night if your up for a Pirates game. Blush is downtown and probably the only strip club you should visit, 12-15 to get in plus a one drink minimum if I recall. For more drinking spots ask Adam or Trevor.

  6. While I am from the Cleveland area, I don't know of many "good places" to go.
    I've gone to the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame Museum... it's okay. If you miss it, it won't be life-shattering. But if you're just driving through, you should get a picture of the free stamp, which is pretty cool. Also, the science museum has a neat IMAX theater and the art museum is nice.
    As far as food and beverage goes, I've heard Little Italy has some great food. Also, there's a Hard Rock Cafe. The Warehouse District and the Flats offer multiple locations to get your drink on.
    As far as where to stay... can't help you there. I'm sure the lodging will be cheap (well, at least cheaper than Maryland).
    Hope this helps!


  7. Best pizza in Chicago:

    What a great trip!